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Tree-Planting Machines

There follows a list of tree-planting machines now commercially available in the United States and Canada. In this list each machine is briefly described by giving in a uniform order simple information on the similar points of each and also its manufacturer, price as of last summer, and weight. The list has been compiled from advertising material available, is offered for information only, and implies no recommendation of any individual or firms or their wares, nor any guarantee of their business standing or financial responsibility. Any errors or omissions discovered will be acknowledged and corrected when the list is reissued. Prices quoted may already have changed. Full information can be secured only by writing directly to each manufacturer. The development of tree-planting machines began in the late 1930's but probably not more than a few dozen machines were in use before the beginning of 1944. Since that time a number of manufacturers have marketed improved and additional models, some of which are especially designed to fit local conditions. Several thousand machines are now in use. In general, if a machine can be used at all the survival rate of the trees it plants will equal or exceed that of hand-planted trees, and at a lower cost if the purchase price is amortized over several years.

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Author(s): Roland Rotty

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 2 (1951)