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A Diaphragm Air Control for A Commercial Seed Cleaning Machine

An air control device for the Clipper M-2B seed cleaning machine 1 provides more convenient and more precise control than standard equipment. The Clipper M-2B has sliding sheet metal gates to control the fan air supply (fig. 1) . These gates close down around the fan drive shaft and are adjusted by loosening wing nuts and sheet metal screws and sliding the gates to the desired position. The adjustment of these gates is rather inconvenient, particularly on the left side of the machine where the fan drivebelt and pulley' are located. The adjustment of the opening when the machine is running is somewhat hazardous because working close to the pulley and belt is necessary. The irregular shape of the opening formed by the gates and the presence of the pulley, which restricts a clear view of the opening, makes it difficult to adjust the air opening exactly equal on both sides of the seed cleaner. With the installation of a belt and pulley guard, the air adjustment becomes even more difficult because space is restricted and the opening cannot be clearly seen.

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Author(s): Boyd C. Wilson

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Volumes 19, Number 2 (1968)

Volume: 19

Number: 2

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