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Forest Tree Seed Certification

The word certification generally means "attestation of facts," Literally, anything covered by a certificate has been given certification. It may refer, for example, to freedom from plant pests in a lot of seed. However, multiple usage of this term has led to confusion and misunderstanding. For agricultural seed, certification implies genetic improvement; its aim is to maintain and make available to the public high-quality seeds and propagation materials of superior crop plant varieties grown and distributed in order to insure genetic identity and genetic purity. Foresters have indicated a desire to retain this meaning as applied to tree seed, and the following definition has been proposed for a revised "Forestry Terminology": Seed certification is "the guarantee of seed character and quality by an officially recognized organization, usually evidenced by a certificate including such information as certification category, genuineness of species and variety, year of collection, origin, purity, soundness, and germinative capacity."

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Author(s): Paul O. Rudolf

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 77 (1966)