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Home Publications Tree Planters' Notes Tree Planters' Notes Issue 59 (1963) Growth of Slash, Loblolly, and Longleaf Pines on Cultivated Sites

Growth of Slash, Loblolly, and Longleaf Pines on Cultivated Sites

An earlier article reported the rapid height growth of slash and loblolly pines planted in 1956 on cultivated plots.1 A longleaf plantation, established in 1958 under similar site and treatment conditions, affords an opportunity to compare longleaf growth with that reported for the two other pine species. In March 1958, 1-0 longleaf seedlings were bar-planted on an old field that had been in sod about 25 years, but had recently been plowed and disked. The soil is a deep fine sandy loam in the Orangeburg series. Spacing was 10 by 10 feet. In the first 4 years, the plantation was cultivated three or four times per year with a tandem disk harrow, and the weeds near the trees were hoed by hand. In the first 2 years the trees were sprayed to control brown- spot needle blight.

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Author(s): Lloyd F. Smith, H. Don Smith

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 59 (1963)