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Home Publications Tree Planters' Notes Tree Planters' Notes Issue 42 (1960) Storage of Bare Root Cuttings of Selected Ornamentals

Storage of Bare Root Cuttings of Selected Ornamentals

These tests have been conducted to determine suitable storage conditions for ornamental crops. Selected fungicidal and bacteriacidal compounds were used in an effort to reduce growth during periods of storage. Nine species of plants were tested: Taxus cuspidata, Juniperus virginiana, Buxus sempervirens, Deutzia lemoinei, Weigela floribunda, Forsythia fortunei, Abelia grandiflora, Hydrangea paniculata, and Azalea sp. These plants had been rooted from either ha6d or softwood cuttings, placed in nonperforated polyethylene bags, and stored at 32 and 40 Fahrenheit. Chemicals used to control storage molds were sodium o-phenylphenate .25 percent, borax 8 percent, karathane 1 percent, captan 5 percent, and Diphenyl-impregnated filter paper with.08 percent. The cuttings were placed in storage on October 16, and removed from storage on February 23 and April 19, at which times

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Author(s): Fred B. Widmoyer

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 42 (1960)