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Home Publications Tree Planters' Notes Tree Planters' Notes Issue 42 (1960) More on Stratification of Pine Seed in Polyethylene Bags

More on Stratification of Pine Seed in Polyethylene Bags

Recently, studies of seed stratification using polyethylene bags showed distinct possibilities of this simplified method of breaking dormancy of pine seed. Hosner et al.,1 stated that "... storing small samples of moistened (loblolly) seed in polyethylene bags shows promise as a substitute for stratification in sand as a pregermination treatment to break dormancy." Similar results are reported by T. V. Lehto 2 who found loblolly pine 14 seed stratification in polyethylene bags more economical, more flexible, and more con-venient. In correspondence and personal discussions with the writer, T. F. Swofford, of the Region 8 Seed Testing Laboratory, notes that polyethylene bag stratification of loblolly pine compares favorably with treatments in sand and peatmoss; total germination resulting from all three treatments was about the same, and the speed of germination was identical for all three for 30- and 60-day stratification periods.

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Author(s): Barry F. Malac

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 42 (1960)