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Cone Cutter

Good coniferous seed depends on the cone collector making cut tests on several cones from each tree before picking begins. The cone cutter should be lightweight, pocket-sized, and safe and simple to operate. The homemade cone cutter (see illustration on following page) is patterned after one first made by Homer Ward, Nurseryman, State of Washington Department of Natural Resources. It is made from a piece of metal conduit, ik saw blade, hardwood and rivets for handle, and a bolt to hinge the blade. Best results are obtained when the blade is kept sharp and the cone is cut lengthwise through the center with its tip facing away from the handle. A dull blade will compress the cone and make a ragged cut. This results in an inaccurate seed count.

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Author(s): Martin L. Syverson

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 42 (1960)