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Tape for Tying Seedlings Bundles

Do you have a bundle tying problem at the end of your grading table? We did, and at times the confusion resulted in our producing bundles, the likes of which we were not the least bit proud. Many approaches were tried to improve and speed up our bundle tying. Several different mechanical string tiers were tried but could not be depended upon. Apparently the units are not designed for rugged, dirty work. Rubber bands preloaded onto metal cones, fine wire covered with paper ribbon, and cotton covered copper wire were all tried. Hand tying with precut string was the most expedient, but because we had to have high pro-duction per table, two tiers per table (and sometimes three) were needed. This, in spite of careful selection of personnel to do the tying, was still not satisfactory. Two or three people meant four to six hands and elbows trying to work in a very limited area.

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Author(s): G. W. King

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 29 (1957)