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Seedling Losses in Arizona Cypress

The practice of growing Arizona cypress in forest nurseries for Christmas tree plantings has been expanding during the past few years. Susceptibility of the species to various insects and diseases, however, is the major limiting factor in its culture. Losses in nursery beds often amount to more than 50 percent of the growing stock. Mortality has been particularly high during the 1956 growing season in the Georgia Forestry Commission nurseries. Most of the mortality has, in the past, been attributed to Phomopsis blight. Nurserymen routinely follow a spray schedule recommended by Slagg and Wright 2/ in which they apply 3/4 pound of Special Semesan 3/ with 5 ounces of DuPont spreader-sticker in 75 gallons of water per acre weekly from June 1 through September 30. Phomopsis was found commonly on the trees in early June but could not be isolated later in the season. This suggests that the recommended spray program is effective in checking; this disease.

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Author(s): A. A. Foster, Robert P. Harrison

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 29 (1957)