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A Convenient Tree Lifter

Tree lifters vary greatly from nursery to nursery, and probably most nurserymen feel that their own lifter is best suited for local conditions. The lifter developed at this station is the result of many years' experience with several types of lifters. After two years of use it is considered to be very satisfactory for our set of conditions. This piece of equipment may prove worthy of trial and use at other nurseries. In any event, our lifter may have features of design that can be incorporated in similar equipment elsewhere. Our lifter is used with an International 300 tractor equipped with quick hitch and torque amplifier. We have been able to lift both seedlings and transplants under most soil moisture conditions with this outfit. The quick-hitch feature permits use of the tractor for other work, and makes it much easier to move the lifter from place to place in the nursery.

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Author(s): M. W. Day

Publication: Tree Planters' Notes - Issue 29 (1957)