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Home Publications Southern Pine Nursery Handbook 13. Inergrated Nursery Pest Management

13. Inergrated Nursery Pest Management

Intergrated Nurser Pest Management (INPM) is the reduction of pest problems in the nursery by employing decisions, plans, and a combination of management procedures in a coordinated pest management program. Briefly, INPM is an alternative decision support system for nursery managment. This system, to be successful, requires a systematic, interdisciplinary approach. INPM plans and decisions include information for such related disciplines as soils science, silviculture, forest pathology, entomology, and weed science. The current INPM strategy emphasizes pest prevention, containment, and exclusions, rather than eradication.

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Author(s): Charles E. Cordell, T. H. Fler, Jr.

Publication: Southern Pine Nursery Handbook

Section: Chapter 13

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