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Home Publications Raising Seedlings at Home 2. Should I Grow My Own Seedlings

2. Should I Grow My Own Seedlings

Growing seedlings at home can be a fun and rewarding hobby for the entire family. You may wish to grow your own seedlings for many reasons: 1) the annual seedling needs for your tree or Christmas tree farm are less than the minimum quantities a commercial nursery is willing to grow; 2) you want specific seed sources or an uncommon species not available from state and private growers; 3) you wish to grow seedlings for fun, realizing the satisfaction of personally reforesting some of your land, improving wildlife habitat, having a novel school project, growing your own Christmas trees, or just because you love the challenge of growing plants.

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Author(s): R. Kasten Dumroese, Thomas D. Landis, David L. Wenny

Publication: Raising Seedlings at Home

Section: Chapter 1