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Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Growing Native Plants

. If you think that operating your own native plant nursery as a business is your calling, then this manual, and particularly this first chapter, can help you move forward. If, however, you plan to grow native plants for fun, perhaps for use around your home or as a science fair project, this manual can still give you the basic information required for you to be successful, and all the concepts provided in this chapter are still applicable. Much has been written about growing trees and commercial conifers in particular, and the same basic principles can be used to grow native shrubs, forbs, ferns, wildflowers, and grasses. Growing native plants involves a unique combination of science and art. Although this book explains the basic science of growing native plants, a good grower must also have skills that can be acquired only through innate ability or experience. Collectively, these special skills are what is commonly known as having a “green thumb.”

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Publication: Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic Concepts

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