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RNGR.net has a searchable database of over 7000 technical articles, many of which are available for download in PDF format. Use the search feature on this page or see below for a selection of specific publications.

  • Tree Planters' Notes (1950 - present)

    Technology transfer and publication of research information relating to nursery production and outplanting of trees, shrubs, and native plants. Some issues are missing.

  • Forest Nursery Notes (1993 - present)

    Forest Nursery Notes (FNN) is a nursery news and literature service that is distributed free of charge to over 1,200 cooperators in the United States, Canada, and other foreign countries.

  • National Nursery Proceedings (1949 - present)

    Search by keyword or browse by year and event. Either way, you can access hundreds of proceedings articles from 1949 to present.

  • Woody Plant Seed Manual

    The Woody Plant Seed Manual, published July 2008, is an update of the Seed of Woody Plants in the United States which was published back in 1974. The manual is divided into two sections. Part One consists of 7 chapters on general principles such as seed biology, harvesting, storage, testing as well as nursery practices. Part Two has been expanded to include 236 genera of native and introduced woody plants, many of which are tropical species or western natives which have become widely-used. The information on each genus is presented in the following sections: growth habit; occurrence and use; flowering and fruiting; collection, extraction and storage of seeds; pregermination treatments; germination test; and nursery practices.

  • Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference Proceedings (1951 - 2007)

    We currently have 27 proceedings from the Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference archived online.

  • Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference Proceedings (1954 - 1989)

    31 editions from the Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference are available.

  • Lake States Forest Tree Improvement Conference Proceedings (1959 - 1971)

    Currently the 4th - 10th editions are archived and available online.

  • Central States Forest Tree Improvement Conference Proceedings (1959 - 1972)

    Currently 8 editions between 1959 - 1972 are available.

  • North Central Tree Improvement Conference Proceedings

    Currently the 3rd and 6th edition is available.

  • Tree Seed Technology Training Course

    This manual is intended primarily to train seed collectors, seed-plant managers, seed analysts, and nursery managers, but it can serve as a resource for any training course in forest regeneration. It includes both temperate and tropical tree species of all intended uses. The manual covers the following topics: seed biology, seed collection, seed handling, seed-quality evaluation, seed protection, seed basics for nurseries, and seed programs. It also includes practical exercises.

  • The Container Tree Nursery Manual

    This seven volume set contains chapters on closely related subjects concerning the production of tree and woody shrub seedlings in containers.

  • Tropical Tree Seed Manual
  • Care and Planting of Southern Pine

    This booklet is designed to encourage landowners, land managers, county foresters, forestry consultants, and nursery managers to be certain that their seedlings receive proper care.

  • Forest Nursery Pests
  • Growing Healthy Seedlings

    This book provides an illustrated guide to the identification and management of fungi, insects, and abiotic conditions that cause problems in Northwest bareroot conifer nurseries.

  • Evaluating Seedling Quality
  • Southern Pine Nursery Handbook
  • Southern Pine Seed Sources
  • The purpose of this handbook is to guide landowners and consulting foresters in selecting appropriate seed sources for planting southern pines.

  • Organic Matter Management in Forest Nurseries: Theory and Practice

    The topic of organic matter in forest nursery soils has remained dormant for a long time as evidenced by the paucity of literature on this topic for the past 25 years. This paper provides a general reference for the addition of organic amendments to forest nursery soils.

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