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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 2004 Rapid Response Reforestation: Studies in Fire Restoration

Rapid Response Reforestation: Studies in Fire Restoration

The Nursery Technology Cooperative has been conducting projects to examine forest seedling quality and reforestation success in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years. Because of the large wildfires in recent years, there is a growing interest in studying reforestation strategies for optimum restoration following a fire. We have developed 2 “Rapid Response Reforestation” projects to address common reforestation issues in burned areas. Because the number of acres in need of planting cannot be predicted in advance, it is difficult to have adequate seedling stock, especially 2-year-old stocktypes, available. Furthermore, a delay in outplanting may allow competing vegetation to occupy the area, thereby increasing reforestation costs and decreasing early seedling growth and survival. The first project is designed to compare field performance among 1-year-old stocktypes; the second project is designed to investigate the effects of delayed outplanting and vegetation control on subsequent plantation establishment and growth.Areview of reforestation issues following wildfire along with details of the study plans are presented.

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Author(s): Robin Rose, Diane L. Haase

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 2004

Event: Western Forest and Conservation Nursery Association Meeting
2004 - Medford, OR