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The Cascade Forestry Service Nursery

Cascade Forestry Service, Inc., is a private reforestation nursery and service company that has grown from a shoestring operation into an employee-owned company that both produces reforestation trees and assists landowners with forestry development and management. The Northeastern Forest and Conservation Nursery Association has proven instrumental in Cascade Forestry's growth and development, particularly through allowing us to participate in their annual meetings. We thank the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for inviting us to co-host this year's meeting. After all, as members of the association, we share a common goal-to provide the public with quality seedlings for restocking existing forests and establishing new ones. It is this opportunity to share ideas and learn new and better ways to deal with forest nursery challenges that is the very basis for the association.

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Author(s): Donald L. Westefer

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1999

Event: Northeastern and the Western Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations Meeting
1999 - Ames, IA