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Use of GPS in Nurseries

The use of GIS in nursery operations provides a variety of opportunities. • All planning activities can be incorporated into an accessible database. • GIS can be used to create ways for employees to access and analyze data. • The program can be used for historical record keeping. • Use of GIS in planning can improve the efficiency of nursery operations. • GIS can easily be used as a management tool. Arcview 3.1 is the GIS system currently in use at the Ames Nursery. This program enables the user to accomplish multiple tasks which include: • Heads up digitizing; • Importing and creating database files • Hot-linking to digital photos, text files, and a variety of other file types • Importing GPS data, as well as data from CAD and DOQ • Production of maps

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Author(s): Brent Olson, Chad Loreth

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1999

Event: Northeastern and the Western Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations Meeting
1999 - Ames, IA