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Towner State Nursery Weed Control Program

The Towner State Nursery is owned and operated by the North Dakota Forest Service. The nursery is 160 acres in size and is located in north-central North Dakota. The Towner Nursery specializes in the production of conifer seedlings, transplants, and greenhouse-grown container stock for conservation tree plantings. Transplants constitute 80% of the stock produced. The Towner Nursery sells 33 size classes representing 17 tree species. Sales for 1999 totaled 1.4 million trees. Goal® herbicide is the primary method of weed control at the Towner Nursery. Hand weeding is used to remove weeds that are not controlled by Goal®. Seedbed areas of the nursery are fumigated prior to sowing, but the primary purpose of fumigation is to control diseases, not weeds. Good weed control in seedbeds can be achieved with herbicides making fumigation unnecessary for weed control. Weeds are controlled in noncrop areas by cultivation and mowing.

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Author(s): Roy LaFramboise

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1999

Event: Northeastern and the Western Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations Meeting
1999 - Ames, IA