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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1997 Beltrami County Natural Resource Management

Beltrami County Natural Resource Management

Minnesota's fifteen counties with natural resource management programs struggled to build professional management programs with very small budgets, lack of professional staff and years of catch-up work on tax forfeited lands which had been largely neglected. Many of these lands are highly productive and contain an abundance of natural resources. These factors, coupled with a surging upswing in demand by a growing wood products industry, an escalating recreational demand, and a growing environmental awareness, have created a keen interest in county-administered tax forfeited land which is a large segment of Minnesota's forest resource and have become a major factor in Minnesota's economy, forest industry, and future well-being.

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Author(s): Mark Reed

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1997

Event: The Northeastern Forest and Nursery Association Conference
1997 - Bemidji, MN