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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1997 Fertilization of Douglas-fir and Noble Fir Christmas Trees

Fertilization of Douglas-fir and Noble Fir Christmas Trees

This study evaluated the impacts of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) applications through a rotation of noble and Douglas-fir Christmas trees. A wide spectrum of both increasing and constant N/S rates were used. Color was the only tree variable positively correlated to N/S rate on both species. On Douglas-fir, value was improved on the shallow hill soils with the increasing rates. Soil acidity values in the upper 8 inches of soil was also reduced by .7 pH units for Douglas-fir at the highest N/S application rates. The ' 5N study found that prior N/S fertilization had no impact on N uptake. Approximately 20% of the fertilizer was used by the trees, 30% was stored in the soil, an estimated 40% was lost by leaching, and an estimated 10% lost by denitrification.

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Author(s): Chal G. Landgren, S. Webster

Event: Symposium Proceedings: Forest Seedling Nutrition from the Nursery to the Field