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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1997 Designing a Nutrient Study

Designing a Nutrient Study

Good study design is essential for obtaining useful information. Welldesigned studies include the appropriate kind of replication and account for the different types of conclusions that are obtained from observational studies and designed experiments. A study that compares any set of groups can be partitioned into 5 steps. 1. Define the question of interest. 2. Plan or design the study. 3. Carry out the plan and collect relevant information. 4. Compile the data into a form to answer the question of interest. 5. Draw conclusions based on the data that were collected. Considerations for each step and the interactions among the steps are discussed. An example is presented to illustrate the concepts.

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Author(s): Lisa M. Ganio

Event: Symposium Proceedings: Forest Seedling Nutrition from the Nursery to the Field