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Asexual vs. sexual propagation of quaking Aspen

Quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) regenerates almost exclusively by root suckers in the western United States, even though female clones produce abundant viable seed. During the past decade, interest in propagating aspen for use as an ornamental and for revegetation of forest land has increased. To satisfy these diverse needs for aspen planting stock, nurserymen have a choice between sexual and asexual propagation. Criteria for clone selection, suggestions for root and seed collection and storage, propagation techniques, and the advantages of both sexual and asexual propagation are discussed.

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Author(s): Robert B. Campbell, Jr.

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1983

Event: The Challenge of Producing Native Plants for the Intermountain Area
1983 - Las Vegas, NV

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