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The Nursery Technology Cooperative; A coordinated effort to improve seedling quality

The Nursery Technology Cooperative (NTC) was established July 1, 1982 to improve the productivity of the Pacific Northwest's forest tree nursery industry. The NTC and the two other cooperatives (tree improvement and vegetation management) in the Department of Forest Science are aimed at helping to solve reforestation problems beginning with seed and ending with a free-to-grow forest stand. Membership categories in the NTC include (1) nurseries, (2) seedling users, and (3) specialist organizations. Problem areas for Cooperative study are identified and prioritized by Cooperative members. Our first study, investigating the effects of top pruning on seedling morphology and field growth and survival, has been installed at six nurseries. Planning is in progress for a long-term Cooperative study examining the effects of selected herbicides on weeds and seedlings. Other activities in the Cooperative include (1) a nursery pathology research project, (2) a tissue culture/vegetative propagation project, (3) continuing education (production of a nursery manual), (4) technical assistance (compilation of lists of specialists available to help members), (5) information gathering (collection of state-of-the-art information on compaction, tilth, and drainage), and (6) a seedling evaluation program.

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Author(s): Mary L. Duryea, Steven K. Omi

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1983

Event: The Challenge of Producing Native Plants for the Intermountain Area
1983 - Las Vegas, NV

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