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Should private nurseries grow seedlings for Region 6?

Recently, Federal Forest Service tree seedling procurement has been getting much attention. Several local nursery managers have expressed a strong desire to take part in the program. I have phrased my title as a direct question because I believe it deserves a direct answer. I answer the question with a direct and definite yes for several reasons if we assume that cost and quality are comparable with cost and quality of government produced seedlings. First, the interest of the private bare root nursery sector in getting involved has greatly increased in recent years. Five to ten years ago no one cared much about this subject. Second, facilities, equipment, and expertise in the private nursery sector have improved measurably as interest has increased. Third, the political climate has recently changed focusing increased attention on private business as another way to serve government goals when work can consistently be accomplished better and more cheaply.

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Author(s): James W. Edgren

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1982

Event: Western Nurserymen's Conference
1982 - Medford, OR

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