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Why fall fertilize

A 3x3 factorial experiment comprising 3 levels of N (0, 60, and 120 pounds NH4NO3) and 3 levels of P (0, 90, and 180 pounds of Triple Superphosphate) fertilizer applied in October was undertaken to determine if fall nursery fertilization would increase physiological quality of 2-0 Douglas-fir. Vigor and growth potential were assessed in terms of percent bud break, frost hardiness, bud height and root growth rate. Increasing amounts of N caused increases in all four variables. P addition increased root growth rate but decreased or had no effect on the other three variables. Fall application of 60-120 pounds per acre of NH NO can be used in nurseries to increase vigor of Douglas-fir seedlings.

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Author(s): Barbara E. Thompson

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1982

Event: Western Nurserymen's Conference
1982 - Medford, OR

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