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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1982 The production of coniferous transplants using Spencer LeMaire containers

The production of coniferous transplants using Spencer LeMaire containers

At the Alberta Tree Nursery and Horticulture Centre planting stock is produced for shelterbelts. Coniferous stock is produced to a volume of 720,000 transplants which is 20% of our total annual production. Colorado spruce, white spruce, norway spruce, lodgepole pine and scots pine species are involved. The Alberta Tree Nursery started its production in 1950. During the first 20 years of operation, coniferous transplants were produced in the conventional manner as a 3-3. The seed was row seeded in framed seedbeds. Seeds were covered with sand, snowfence was used to provide shade. After 3 years the seedling was harvested and transplanted. Often these 6 year old transplants (3-3) showed the "hockey stick" root deformation as a result of the transplanting system used. About 10 years ago a change was made in this production line. The Spencer Lemaire Container has replaced the seedbed production for the 3-0 plant. The Spencer Lemaire Container is a container model, developed in Alberta. The history of the development and the merits of this container were dealt with in the 1981 meeting of this nurserymen's group in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Author(s): Herman T. Oosterhuis

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1982

Event: Western Nurserymen's Conference
1982 - Medford, OR