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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1981 Reforestation research in the prairies: An overview

Reforestation research in the prairies: An overview

As the title suggests, my assigned task this morning is to talk to you about reforestation research activities in the three prairie provinces--Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Owing to the diverse backgrounds and the wide geographical distribution of the members of the Intermountain Nurserymen's Association, I thought it appropriate to spend a few minutes at the outset of this presentation to familiarize you with the region and to briefly outline the role of the Canadian Forestry Service as a research agency. Such an overview will, I hope, make it easier for you to relate to my comments about reforestation research. The Canadian Forestry Service (CFS) is an element of Environment Canada. The Northern Forest Reserch Centre (NoFRC) is one of six regional establishments and two national institutes responsible for fulfilling the federal role in forestry research, development, and technology transfer. Today, the NoFRC serves a vast area lying north of the US border between the Rocky Mountains in the west and the province of Ontario in the east, totalling 3 120 000 km2 (1 200 000 sq. mi.) of land area in the three prairie provinces and the Mackenzie District of the Northwest Territories. About one-third of this land mass, or 1 040 000 km2 (400 000 sq. mi.) is classified as being forested, roughly equivalent to the combined areas of the states of Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Author(s): A. D. Kiil

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1981

Event: Proceedings of the 1981 Intermountain Nurserymen's Association meeting
1981 - Edmonton, Alberta