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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1981 The painful problems of Pioneer propagation plants and other adventures

The painful problems of Pioneer propagation plants and other adventures

I would like to add my personal welcome to delegates here from out of the province. You'll notice a few unusual characters and peculiarities both in the people and in the place. First, trees take forever to mature, and everything can be conveniently blamed on the weather. The people are a colorful lot. We have blackhearted rednecks, who have managed to garner a few greenbacks in the pursuit of oil and politics; a strong group of Conservative blue bloods born to the purple; and some immigrants from the East--the older population regards them as white-faced, brown-nosed, yellow-bellied Orangemen! Seriously, however, we have a really cosmopolitan population and a reasonable amount of tolerance. Our Heritage Days attract tens of thousands of people to see native and ethnic displays, taste their food, watch their dances. Looking around at what we have now, it's hard to visualize how we got to where we are in the business of reforestation and reclamation. What did we do, before tubes were in and bullets were out, when a million was a big number, and we did not know words like air pruning, outplanting, tubeling, bench spacing, and Rootrainers?

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Author(s): Henry A. Spencer

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1981

Event: Proceedings of the 1981 Intermountain Nurserymen's Association meeting
1981 - Edmonton, Alberta