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Root morphology control in forest tree seedling containers

Controlling seedling root morphogenesis in containers with chemicals can result in seedlings which rapidly establish natural root systems following outplanting. Copper and synthetic auxin compounds placed on the interior walls of containers reversibly stop root growth at the container wall. This has resulted in an adventitious proliferation of root tips up and down the root plug cylinder. These tips grow radially outward from the plug when the trees are planted so that many growing points penetrate the soil at various soil depths. As a result, trees should become rapidly established, be better anchored, and grow faster.

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Author(s): Stephen E. McDonald, Richard W. Tinus, C. P. P. Reid

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1980

Event: Intermountain Nurseryman's Association and Western Forest Nursery Association
1980 - Boise, ID

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