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Field trip notes: Humboldt Nursery

The U.S. Forest Service, Humboldt Nursery is located in coastal California in the town of McKinleyville (about 15 miles north of Eureka). This nursery is responsible for producing 2-0 bare-root planting stock for 5 National Forests in coastal and southern Oregon, 4 National Forests in northern California and the Bureau of land management in Oregon and California. The primary species grown is Douglas-fir. Some ponderosa pine and Jeffrey pine are produced and small lots of white fir, red fir, noble fir, western redcedar, western hemlock, sitka spruce, and redwood have been grown. The nursery is expanding such that the capacity will have doubled in the next 3 years. About 95 acres out of a total of 209 acres are presently in production (1-0 crop, 2-0 crop, follow). In 1980 the production acreage will increase to 119 acres. In terms of the number of seedlings produced, a present capacity of 18 mm 2-0, and 21 mm 1-0 is scheduled to increase to an annual production of 25 mm after 1980. The Humboldt Nursery work force consists of 45 full time and 60 part time (seasonal-harvest) employees. In addition, a contract lifting crew has been employed for the past two seasons.

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Author(s): Don Perry

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1978

Event: Nurseryman's conference and seed processing workshop
1978 - Eureka, CA

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