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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1978 Korbel forest nursery: Purpose, production, species & progress

Korbel forest nursery: Purpose, production, species & progress

This paper is, perhaps, the first to have been prepared a month after its presentation. In fact, this paper should not have been prepared at all, however, as penalty for late arrival for the Redwood Panel, the author was leaned on and in fact was obligated to provide an oral report of the current operations and research status at the Korbel Forest Nursery. The comments that follow were sparked by questions from the audience regarding redwood seedling production and vegetative propagation through rooted cuttings and tissue culture. Thus in the following few lines, such as they are, is a summary of those remarks: Simpson's Korbel Forest Nursery was constructed in 1974 and produced its first crop of containerized conifer seedlings in 1975. The nursery was designed to produce 4.5Mr1 seedlings annually but modifications and the addition of a shade frame area have doubled that capacity.

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Author(s): James A. Rydelius

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1978

Event: Nurseryman's conference and seed processing workshop
1978 - Eureka, CA