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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1978 The value of quality seed in forest tree nursery operations and reforestation programs

The value of quality seed in forest tree nursery operations and reforestation programs

Seed quality, seed source, high quality planting stock; these are items at the top-of-the-list when nurserymen, geneticists, and silviculturists confer. We believe that all are well aware of the need to improve planting stock and constantly strive to achieve this in day-to-day operations. The prerequisites to improved planting stock are the obtaining, maintaining, and use of high quality seed in our nursery and forestation programs. Seed quality is one of those familiar terms that we all understand but find difficult to define. Seed quality means different things to different people. The definition of seed quality is usually restricted to the physical and biological condition of the seed used in nursery operations (i.e., clean, sound seed that has high viability, and consistently produces thrifty, vigorous seedlings). As pointed out earlier, a primary requirement for regeneration of forest land is the use of planting stock from a seed source of proven adaptability to the planting site. In order to obtain maximum yields, seeds from each source must be planted in an environment to which it is best adapted. Thus seed source is also an important component of quality seed. In addition, we should be using genetically improved seed of known origin.

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Author(s): F. J. Deneke, Thomas D. Landis

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1978

Event: Nurseryman's conference and seed processing workshop
1978 - Eureka, CA