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Home Publications National Nursery Proceedings 1960 Certification Standards for Forest Tree Seed in the South

Certification Standards for Forest Tree Seed in the South

give you some idea of the size, during the 1958-1959 planting season, the South planted about 1.6 million acres as opposed to 194,000 west of the Great Plains. The aggregate total of the plantations in the South at the end of that season was approxi-mately 7.9 million acres in contrast to the 1.5 million in the West. In 1958 the total nursery production of the 12 southern states was about 1 2/3 billion trees. Using conservative esti-mates, there were probably over 200,000 pounds of seed used for nursery planting that year. When we add the seed used in direct seeding programs the total seed consumption in the South for the 1958-1959 planting season was probably in the vicinity of 300,000 pounds. The top ten states in nursery production for the 1958-1959 season were all located in the South and together they produced over sixty percent of the planting stock in this country. The nursery and planting program in the South is a tremendous undertaking and with it goes the attendant problems of seed procurement and handling.

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Author(s): John C. Barber

Publication: National Nursery Proceedings - 1960

Event: Western Forest Nurserymen's Meeting
1960 - Haugan, MT