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Chapter 7 - Stand Variation

Stand variation is the last chapter of the discussion of variation among geographic locations in southern pines. The first chapters included material on characteristics (phenotypic traits) of trees in different geographic locations without regard to inherent differences. The second chapter was devoted to inherent differences (genotypic traits) among trees from different geographic locations as determined from transplant studies. In the transplant studies, comparisons of performance at one point are made among trees originating at many different locations. Stand variation, in its turn, may be described as variation occurring among stands of trees within relatively small geographic areas throughout the natural range of the species. Much of the published information on stand-to-stand variation has appeared in connection with geographic or racial variation studies. These chapters should be read in connection with the chapter on stand-to-stand variation in order to obtain details of various studies.

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Author(s): Keith W. Dorman

Publication: The Genetics and Breeding of Southern Pines - Part III. Variation Among Geographic Locations