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Evaluating Damage to Nursery Crops

In spite of the best efforts at prevention and control, all nurseries experience crop damage due to pests. But the question arises: does the damage in a particular nursery justify additional expenditures for prevention or control? To answer that question, managers must identify the damage and evaluate costs and benefits of prevention and treatment and impacts on outplanting success. Production of seedlings in the nursery is an integral part of forest regeneration and restoration programs. Damage to seedlings in the nursery may result in crop losses or poor field performance after outplanting in the field. Poor performance after outplanting may also be caused by damage occurring after seedlings leave the nursery. Diligent recordkeeping and evaluation and reporting of seedling performance is critical to correctly identify the cause of damage and when, where, and why it occurred, so the most effective and least costly treatments can be applied and future damage prevented.

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Author(s): Katy M. Mallams, Tom Starkey

Publication: Forest Nursery Pests (2012)

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