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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Diverse Species

© Seed treatment optimizes benefits of seed bank storage for restoration-ready seeds: the feasibility of prestorage dormancy alleviation for mine-site revegetation

Turner, S. R., Steadman, K. J., Vlahos, S., Koch, J. M., and Dixon, K. W. Restoration Ecology online. 2012.

© Seed weights for northern Rocky Mountain native plants, with an emphasis on Glacier National Park

Wiese, J. L., Meadow, J. F., and Lapp, J. A. Native Plants Journal 13(1):39-49. 2012.

© Seed-feeding insects impacting globemallow seed production

Hammon, R. and Franklin, M. Native Plants Journal 13(2):95-97. 2012.

© Simple sequence repeat markers from Cercis canadensis show wide cross-species transfer and use in genetic studies

Wadl, P. A., Trigiano, R. N., Werner, D. J., Pooler, M. R., and Rinehart, T. A. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Sciences 137(3):189-201. 2012.

© Soil seedbanks and long-term seed survival in the endangered Florida beach clusterine (Jacquemon­tia reclinata House [Convolvulaceae])

Pascarella, J. B., Maschinski, J., and Wright, S. J. Native Plants Journal 12(3):233-240. 2011.

© Some insects affecting Penstemon seed pro­duction

Hammon, R. and Franklin, M. Native Plants Journal 13(2):107-110. 2012.

© Survival of bristly locust (Robinia hispida L.) in an emulated organic silvopasture

Burner, D. M. and Burke, J. M. Native Plants Journal 13(3):195-200. 2012.

Using Tree Shelters as Deep Containers

Bainbridge, D. A. Tree Planters' Notes 55(2):49-54. 2012.

© Viability of blackbrush seed (Coleogyne ramo­sissima Torr. [Rosaceae])

Pendleton, R. L., Pendleton, B. K., Meyer, S. E., Carlson, S., and Morrison, E. Native Plants Journal 13(1):5-13. 2012.

Fertilization and Nutrition

© Cultivation of Norway spruce and Scots pine on organic nitrogen improves seedlings morphology and field performance

Gruffman, L., Ishida, T., Nor-din, A., and Nasholm, T. Forest Ecology and Management 276:118-124. 2012.

Effect of fall-applied nitrogen on growth, nitro­gen storage, and frost hardiness of bareroot Larix olgensis seedlings

Li, G., Liu, Y., Zhu, Y., Li, Q., and Dumroese, R. K. Silva Fennica 46(3):345-354. 2012.

© Effects of fertilizer placement on trace gas emissions from nursery container production

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© The feasibility of organic nutrient management in large-scale sweet corn production for processing

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© Fertilizer properties of DCHA/FE3+

Nadal, P., Garcia-Marco, S., Escudero, R., and Lucena, J. J. Plant and Soil 356-367-379. 2012.

© Irrigation frequency alters nutrient uptake in container-grown Rhododendron plants grown with different rates of nitrogen

Scagel, C. F., Bi, G., Fuchigami, L. H., and Regan, R. P. HortScience 47(2):189-197. 2012.

© Methods for determining nitrogen release from controlled-release fertilizers used for vegetable production

Carson, L. C. and Ozores-Hampton, M. HortTechnology 22(1):20-24. 2012.

Navigating the organic route: how to use or­ganic fertilizers

Burnett, S. Greenhouse Management 32(1):67-69. 2012.