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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Diverse Species

© No-till drill planting of Texas bluegrass on the southern plains

Goldman, J. J. Native Plants Journal 13(1):51-54. 2012.

© Non-native grass removal and shade increase soil moisture and seedling performance during Ha­waiian dry forest restoration

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Optimization of select native seed propagation

Huff, S. H., Harkness, R. L., Baldwin, B. S., Bachman, G. R., and Blythe, E. K. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:499-504. 2012.

© Outplanting but not seeding establishes native desert perennials

Abella, S. R., Craig, D. J., and Suazo, A. A. Native Plants Journal 13(2):81-89. 2012.

© Partial shade, irrigation, and added nutrients maximize dry matter yield of American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora L.)

Similien, A., Shannon, D. A., Wood, C. W., and van Santen, E. HortScience 47(2):1705-1709. 2012.

Propagating sweet fern

Lubell, J. American Nurseryman 210(4):26-29. 2012.

© Propagation of Vaccinium membranaceum and V. myrtilloides by seeds, hardwood stem, and rhi­zome cutting methods

McKechnie, I. M., Burton, P. J., and Massicotte, H. B. Native Plants Journal 13(3):223-234. 2012.

© Propagation protocol for blackbrush (Coleo­gyne ramosissima Torr. [Rosaceae])

Graham, J. Native Plants Journal 13(3):201-203. 2012.

© Propagation protocol for mountain huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum)

Regan, D. J., Woodruff, K. J., and Davis, A. S. Native Plants Journal 13(1):14-18. 2012.

Raising Native Plants in Nurseries: Basic Concepts

Dumroese, R. K., Landis, T. D., and Luna, T. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-274. 2012.

© Reduction of seed dormancy of Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. by in-dark seed selection and breeding

Qu, L. and Widrlechner, M. P. Industrial Crops and Products 36:88-93. 2012.

© Response of selected wildflower species to saline water irrigation

Niu, G., Rodriguez, D. S., and McKenney, C. HortScience 47(9):1351-1355. 2012.

© Restoring the rare Kentucky lady's slipper orchid to the Kisatchie National Forest

Barnett, J. P., Allen, K., and Moore, D. Native Plants Journal 13(2):98-106. 2012.

© Reviving, in vitro differentiation, development, and micropropagation of the rare and endangered moss Bruchia vogesiaca (Bruchiaceae)

Sabovljevic, M., Vujicic, M., Sekulic, J. S., and Segarra-Moragues, J. G. HortScience 47(9):1347-1350. 2012.

Rooting success of summer softwood cuttings of box huckleberry (Gaylussacia brachycera)

Kidwell-Slak, D. and Pooler, M International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:398-401. 2012.

© Safening of native grass to herbicides by using carbon bands

Grichar, W. J., Lloyd-Reilley, J., Rahmes, J., Ocumpaugh, W. R., and Foster, J. L. Weed Technology 26:499-505. 2012.

Sagebrush steppe restoration final report

Sands, A. and Moser, A. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, March 24, 2012. 19 p. 2012.

© Seed germination ecology of three imperiled plants of rock outcrops in the southeastern United States

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Seed propagation of several high-elevation Cali­fornia natives

Funston, N. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:204-206. 2012.