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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Soil Management & Growing Media

© Evaluation of growth media incorporating cotton ginning by-products for vegetable production

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Growing media: what you need to know

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© Harnessing the rhizosphere microbiome through plant breeding and agricultural manage­ment

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© Interactive effects of plants and earthworms on the physical stabilization of soil organic matter in aggregates

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PILCs as water-transmitting material and ap­plication in planting trees in drought areas

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Post-distilled cedar as an alternative substrate in the production of greenhouse grown annuals

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© Predicting penetrometer resistance from the compression characteristic of soil

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© Soil properties following reforestation or af­forestation of marginal cropland

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© Storage time and amendments affect pine tree substrate properties and marigold growth

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© Substituting pine wood for pine bark affects physical properties of nursery substrates

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Tropical Forestry & Agroforestry

© Development and implementation of a forest nursery accreditation policy at a local level in Leyte, Philippines

Gravoso, R. S., Gregorio, N. O., Gerona, M. A. D., and Serino, M. N. V Small-scale Forestry 10:473-488. 2011.

© Do propagation methods affect the fine root ar­chitecture of African plum (Dacroyodes edulis)?

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Effect of irrigation water qualities on Leucaena leucocephala germination and early growth stage

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© Establishing woody perennials on hostile soils in arid and semi-arid regions — a review

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© Improving planting stocks for the Brazilian Atlantic forest restoration through community-based seed harvesting strategies

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© The phenology of dioecious Ficus spp. tree species and its importance for forest restoration proj­ects

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© Resprouting ability of dry forest tree spe­cies after disturbance does not relate to propagation possibility by stem and root cuttings

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© Validation of quality tests for forest seed species

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