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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Seedling Physiology and Morphology

Effects of "short" photoperiods on seedling growth of Pinus brutia

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© Effects of elevated temperature and [CO2] on photosynthesis, leaf respiration, and biomass ac­cumulation of Pinus taeda seedlings at a cool and a warm site within the species' current range

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© High-light acclimation in Quercus robur L. seedlings upon over-topping a shaded environment

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© Horticultural applications of a newly revised USDA plant hardiness zone map

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© How long can young Scots pine seedlings survive waterlogging?

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© The minimum temperature for budburst in Betula depends on the state of dormancy

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© An operational method for estimating cold tolerance thresholds of white spruce seedlings in for­est nurseries

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Plant hormones: the auxins, points for under­standing their actions and use

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© Promoting seedling stress resistance through nursery techniques in China

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© Trade-offs between growth and cold and drought hardiness in submaritime Douglas-fir

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© Using nomograms for evaluating plant mor­phological and physiological data

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© Why seedlings survive: influence of plant attributes

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Soil Management & Growing Media

Assessing phytotoxicity in fresh and aged whole pine tree substrates

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© Biochar affects macronutrient leaching from a soilless substrate

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© Effectiveness of water-saving superabsorbent polymer in soil water conservation for oat based on ecophysiological parameters

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