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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Microorganisms

© Mycorrhizal symbiosis affected by different genotypes of Pinus pinaster

Sousa, N. R., Ramos, M. A., Franco, A. R., Oliveira, R. S., and Castro, P. M. L. Plant and Soil 359:245-253. 2012.

© Widespread fitness alignment in the legume­rhizobium symbiosis

Friesen, M. L. New Phytologist 194:1096-1111. 2012.

Nursery Structures & Equipment

Alternative energy: evaluating wood fuel for greenhouse heat

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(8):17. 2012.

Auditing for energy efficiency

Benson, S. American Nurseryman 210(9):6, 8, 10-11. 2012.

The changing light bulb

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(2):26-27. 2012 .

Easy solutions: hoophouse improvement you can make

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(9):14. 2012.

Everything you wanted to know about fog: but were afraid to ask

Stanley, M. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings 2011, 61:104-105. 2012.

Hole digging done right

Von Ruden, D. American Nurseryman 210(3):20-23. 2012.

New advances: a look at newer variable speed ir­rigation pumps

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management 32(12):16. 2012.

Outplanting Performance

© Assessing the ecological success of restoration by afforestation on the Chinese loess plateau

Jiao, J., Zhang, Z., Bai, W., Jia, Y., and Wang, N. Restoration Ecology 20(2):240-249. 2012.

© Does mixing tree species enhance stand resistance against natural hazards? a case study for spruce

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© Faster growth of Eucalyptus grandis and Euca­lyptus pilularis in mixed-species stands than mono-cultures

Forrester, D. I. and Smith, R. G. B. Forest Ecology and Management 286:81-86. 2012.

© Growth and survival of Port-Orford-Cedar families on three sites on the south Oregon coast

Harrington, C. A., Gould, P. J., and Sniezko, R. A. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 27(3):156-158. 2012.

© Nursery stock quality as an indicator of bot­tomland hardwood forest restoration success in the Lower Mississippi River alluvial valley

Jacobs, D. F., Goodman, R. C., Gardiner, E. S., and Salifu, K. F. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 27:255-269. 2012.