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2013 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Genetics and Tree Improvement

© Assisted migration: uncertainty, risk and op­portunity

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© Carbon sequestration from 40 years of plant­ing genetically improved loblolly pine across the southeast United States

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Climate change and forest trees in the Pacific Northwest: guide to vulnerability assessment meth­odology

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© Failure to migrate: lack of tree range expan­sion in response to climate change

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© Financial performance of using genetically improved regeneration material of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Finland

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© Genetic variation between and within ex-situ native-provenance collections of Pinus radiata D

Don planted in Australia and New Zealand. Bian, L., Gapare, W. J., Ivkovic, M., Jefferson, P., and Wu, H. X. Silvae Genetica 60(6):276-285. 2011.

© Genetic variation in needle epicuticular wax characteristics in Pinus pinceana seedlings

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© Growth phenology of coast Douglas-fir seed sources planted in diverse environments

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© The implementation of assisted migration in Canadian forests

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Long-distance gene flow and adaptation of forest trees to rapid climate change

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© Optimization of genetic gain and diversity in seed orchard crops considering variation in seed ger­mination

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© Physiological and morphological attributes of shortleaf x loblolly pine F1 hybrid seedlings: is there an advantage to being a hybrid?

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© Placing forestry in the assisted migration debate

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© Rapid climate change and the rate of ad­aptation: insight from experimental quantitative genetics

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© Why we disagree about assisted migration: ethical implications of a key debate regarding the future of Canada's forests

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Widespread triploidy in western North American aspen (Populus tremuloides)

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Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Microorganisms