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2011 Summer Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Container Production

Comparing strength and biodegradability of biocontainers

Taylor, M., Evans, M, and Kuehny, J. Greenhouse Management and Production 30(9):16-17, 20. 2010.

Effect of container design on plant growth and root deformation of littleleaf linden and field elm

Amoroso, G., Frangi, P., Piatti, R., and Ferrini, F. Hort-Science 45(12):1824-1829. 2010.

Small, sustainable containers

McCoy, M. Digger 55(4):21-22, 24-26. 2011.

Diverse Species

© Appropriate use of genetic manipulation for the development of restoration plant materials

Jones, T. A. and Robins, J. G. Progress in Botany 72:249-264. 2011.

Breaking seed dormancy in oil rose (Rosa dama­scena Mill.) by miocrobial inoculation

Kazaz, S., Erbas, S., and Baydar, H. African Journal of Biotech­nology 9(39):6503-6508. 2010.

© Can an ecoregion serve as a seed transfer zone? Evidence from a common garden study with five na­tive species

Miller, S. A., Bartow, A., Gisler, M., and Ward, K. Restoration Ecology 19(201):268-276. 2011.

Cold-hardiness and deacclimation of Styrax americanus from three provenances

Lenahan, O. M., Graves, W. R., and Arora, R. HortScience 45(12):1819­1823. 2010.

Effect of method of seed treatment with plant de­rived smoke solutions on germination and seedling growth of milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.)

Ab­dollahi, M. R., Mehrshad, B., and Moosavi, S. S. Seed Science and Technology 39:225-229. 2011.

© Effect of water stress on plant growth in At­riplex hortensis L.

Kachout, S. S., Mansoura, A. B., Hamza, K. J., and Leclerc, J. C. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 86(2):101-106. 2011.

Effects of light and temperature on germination of Pyxidanthera brevifolia Wells (Diapensiaceae)

Wall, W. A., Hilton, J. L., Wentworth, T. R., and Gray, J. B. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 137(4):348­-354. 2010.

Establishing vegetation in harsh climates

Lech­ner, H. L. and Stokes, D. Land and Water 55(1):35-38. 2011.

© Exposure to gibberellins eliminates the cold stratification requirement of Penstemon grandiflo­rus seeds

Sorensen, E., Bierkamp, T., and Barry, K. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Animal 46(Suppl):97-98. 2010.

© A field study of seed germination in the en­dangered Trillium reliquum Freeman (Trilliaceae)

Thompson, J. S. and Leege, L. M. Plant Species Biology 26:111-115. 2011.

© Forward-looking forest restoration under cli­mate change -- Are U.S. nurseries ready?

Tepe, T. L. and Meretsky, V. J. Restoration Ecology 19(3):295-298. 2011.

© The germination niches of grassland species targeted for restoration: effects of seed pre-treat­ments

Wagner, M., Pywell, R. F., Knopp, T., Bullock, J. M., and Heard, M. S. Seed Science Research 21:117­-131. 2011.

Green Gold: The Potential and Pitfalls for North American Medicinal Plants in the US Botanical Supplements Industry

Pai, A. and Skeels, M. IN: National Proceeding: Forest and Conservation Nursery Associa­tions - 2009. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS-P-62, p. 12-14. 2010.

© A growth stage and heat-unit model for Hedys­arum boreale

Peel, M. D., Waldron, B. L., Mott, I. W., and Walker, S. Native Plants Journal 12(1):4-12. 2011.

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