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2010 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Business Management

Container Production

© Cavity size and copper root pruning affect production and establishment of container-grown longleaf pine seedlings

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Degradable pots could help resolve disposal issues

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Improving Root Growth and Morphology of Containerized Oregon White Oak Seedlings

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New tree techniques at Lancaster Farms

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Retractable roof greenhouse (RRG) versus bareroot tree liner post harvest survival and growth in nursery production

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Diverse Species

© Assisted revegetation in a subarctic environment: effects of fertilization on the performance of three indigenous plant species

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Bringing alpines down to earth

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© Can pine forest restoration promote a diverse and abundant understory and simultaneously resist nonnative invasion?

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Combined definition of seed transfer guidelines for ecological restoration in the French Pyrenees

Malaval, S., Luga, B., Regnault-Roger, C., and Largier, G. Applied Vegetation Science 13:113-124. 2010.

© Comparing direct abiotic amelioration and facilitation as tools for restoration of semiarid grasslands

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The easy track to fern spore propagation

Edgren, M. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:348. 2009.

© The effects of seeding sterile triticale on a native plant community after wildfire in a pinyon pine - mountain mahogany woodland

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© Effects of shade on growth and nodulation of three native legumes

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© Establishment and survival of native legumes on upland sites in Louisiana

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Evaluation of native warm- season grass cultivars for riparian zones

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Genetic diversity in populations of Lupinus elegans Kunth, implications for ecological restoration

Lara-Cabrera, S., Alejandre-Melena, N., Medina- Sanchez, E. I., and Lindig-Cisneros, R. Rev. Fitotec. Mex. 32(2):79-86. 2009.

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