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2009 Summer Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Bareroot Production

Assessments of bare-root liner quality and pur­chasing decisions made by green industry profession­als

Jeffers, A., Palma, M., Klingeman, W. E., and Hall, C. HortScience 44(3):717-724. 2009.

Container Production

2008 Interim Guidelines for Growing Longleaf Pine Seedlings in Container Nurseries

Dumroese, R. K., Barnett, J. P., Jackson, D. P., and Hainds, M. J. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Pro­ceedings RMRS-P-58. p.101-107. National Proceed­ings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Association ­2008. 2009.

Comparing Growth of Ponderosa Pine in Two Growing Media

Dumroese, R. K. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS­P-58. p.32-34. National Proceedings: Forest and Con­servation Nursery Association - 2008. 2009.

Effects of Irrigation Frequency and Grit Color on the Germination of Lodgepole Pine Seeds

Pinto, J. R., Dumroese, R. K., and Cobos, D. R. USDA Forest Ser­vice, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS-P-58. p.52-57. National Proceedings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Association - 2008. 2009.

Manage water and nutrient management in propa­gation

Santos, K. and Fisher, P. Greenhouse Manage­ment and Production 29(3):30-32. 2009.

Response of container-grown nursery plants to chlorine used to disinfest irrigation water

Cayanan, D. F., Dixon, M., Zheng, Y., and Llewellyn, J. HortScience 44(1):164-167. 2009.

Diverse Species

Active restoration for the Mojave Desert

Weigand, J. and Rodgers, J. IN: Mojave Desert, p. 378-409. Ne­vada Press, Reno, NV. 2009.

© Artificial dispersal as a restoration tool in mead­ows: sowing or planting?

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© Collecting and processing Salicaceae seeds

Daigle, B. I. and Simpson, J. D. Native Plants Journal 10 (1):48-51. 2009.

Desert parsley (Lomatium spp) seed production challenges. (ABSTRACT)

Shock, C., Feibert, E. B. C., Saunders, L. D., and Shaw, N. L. HortScience 44 (4):1027. 2009.

© Environmental regulation of dormancy loss in seeds of Lomatium dissectum (Apiaceae)

Scholten, M., Donahue, J., Shaw, N. L., and Serpe, M. D. Annals of Botany 103:1091-1101. 2009.

Erosional consequence of saltcedar control

Vin­cent, K. R., Friedman, J. M., and Griffin, E. R. Environ­mental Management 44:218-227. 2009.

© Five years' storage of seeds from three willow species

Simpson, J. D. and Daigle, B. I. Native Plants Journal 10(1):63-67. 2009.

Germination and dormancy breaking require­ments for Vernonia galamensis (Asteraceae)

Nya­mongo, D. O., Nyabundi, J., and Daws, M. I. Seed Sci­ence and Technology 37:1-9. 2009.

Germination response to seed pretreatments in two genotypes of mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia L)

Taylor, L. L. and Conev, R. Harris J. R. HortScience 44(4):1102. 2009.

Impact of shading on seedling growth of Maclura pomifera (Osage orange) (ABSTRACT)

Rozum, J., Kopsell, D., Bachman, G., and Wiegand, B. HortScience44(4):1172. 2009.