Fern Propagation Strategies in Casa Flora

Madeiras, A. M., Boyle, T. H., and Autio, W. R. HortScience 42 (5):1263-1267. 2007.

Casa Flora has traditionally specialized in production of tropical and hardy ferns over its 39-year history. That represents a long learning curve and a willingness to take risks. We have come a long way from those early days of producing tropical ferns from runner tips in beds of peat. We have gotten where we are today by introducing new taxa, insisting on quality, and pioneering new production methods. Fourteen years ago we bought a large tissue culture lab and two smaller ones in Florida producing tropical ferns. In 2 years we were producing 2 million plants. Two years later and with much difficulty, we started producing hardy ferns in the lab as well. Now we consistently ship over 106 fern taxa year round, many with their own protocols.

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Author(s): Naud Burnett, II

Section: Diverse Species

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