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2008 Summer Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Business Management

Growers can apply Lean to shipping and handling.

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High-voltage electric safety.

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How safe is your greenhouse?

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Micro-organisms of human health importance in growing media.

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Prepare yourself and your business for a disaster.

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Container Production

Diagnosing abiotic disorders in the greenhouse.

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© Frost tolerance of two-year-old Picea glauca seedlings grown under different irrigation regimes in a forest nursery.

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© Influence of irrigation method and container type on northern red oak seedling growth and media electrical conductivity.

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Leaching of pesticides through container peat medium in forest seedling production.

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Pot production of pecan seedlings with 'Cynthiana' grape pomace.

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Diverse Species

© The 'Appar' flax release: origin, distinguishing characteristics, and use; and a native alternative.

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© Canopy shade and the successional replacement of tamarisk by native box elder.

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Effect of hot water, sulphuric acid and nitric acid on the germination of rose seeds.

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© The germination characteristics of Scrophularia marilandica L. (Scrophulariaceae) seeds.

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The greening of public roadsides.

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Growth, nitrogen use efficiency, and leachate comparison of subirrigated and overhead irrigated pale purple coneflower seedlings.

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© Improving seed germination of saltgrass under saline conditions.

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© The influence of fertilization regime and mycorrhizal inoculum on outplanting success.

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