Nursery Pest Management

The field of pest management is rapidly changing. Due to significant environmental pressure and the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), a number of chemical tools available today will likely not be available in the future. Users can affect the outcome of FQPA implementation and minimize impact on current management protocols. However, integrated pest management tools are needed to deal with future pest problems. The current situation is that we have pest management problems to deal with. Therefore, a couple management protocols are discussed. However, it seems appropriate to focus on what can make the practitioner successful. Understanding pesticide laws and being aware of important sources of information on pesticides gives the user the ability to develop management protocols. Being aware of new products, finding funding to do efficacy work, and information on how to get products registered paves the way for the future.

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Author(s): Charles J. Masters

Publication: Advances and Challenges in Forest Regeneration

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