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Home Publications 1982 Southern Nursery Conferences Bayleton for Fusiform Rust Control - An Update of Research Findings

Bayleton for Fusiform Rust Control - An Update of Research Findings

Based on a series of studies, a spray schedule is presented that should improve the efficacy of Bayleton for fusiform rust control in nurseries. Many adjuvants appear to be useful in formulations with Bayleton. A seed soak treatment is an approved use in some states under the 24-C label. Use of Bayleton as a seed treatment combined with foliar sprays will improve rust control during the critical germination period. Observations of roots of seedlings at time of lifting indicate little, if any, suppression of mycorrhizal development of foliar sprays of Bayleton.

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Author(s): S. J. Rowan, W. D. Kelley

Publication: 1982 Southern Nursery Conferences

Event: Southern Nursery Conferences - Eastern Session
1982 - Savannah, GA

Section: Pest Management

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