Effects of Propagation Media on the Rooting of Loblolly Pine

Four types of propagation media were evaluated for their effects on the rooting of loblolly pine cuttings: (l) a 1:2 (v:v) mixture of peat:perlite in 10-in' Ray Leach Super CellsTM (SC), (2) the same peat:perlite mixture in 20x10x2-in (LxWxH) propagation flats (PF), (3) Oasis Rootcubes® (RC), and (4) Oasis Wedges ® (W). Cutting material originated from the three bestrooting clones and three worst-rooting clones in each of two related full-sib families. The cuttings were 28-months-old (from seed) at the time they were set on May 25, 1996. Five cuttings were set for each media type/family/rooting class/clone combination in each of three blocks. All effects were considered fixed and clones were nested within family/rooting class. Intermittent mist (8 sec/15 min) was provided by stationary Ray-Jet® nozzles with a delivery rate of 7 gpm. After 90 days, the cuttings were evaluated for presence of roots, and number and average length of those roots longer than '/2-in.

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Author(s): Henry E. Stelzer, S. L. Reed

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1997

Section: Poster Abstracts

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