Decision-Making in Progeny Test Location Using Gibbs Sampling

The manner in which progeny tests are deployed affects genetic gain in production populations in the presence of genotype x environment interactions (GE). The conventional method of determining the site to locate progeny tests is to estimate the efficiency of selecting at one site for planting at another site. Since early selection is normally practised in tree breeding, efficiency of early selection across sites is important. In order to estimate the efficiency of selection, heritability and genetic correlations are estimated using standard methods such as REML. A major limitation of this approach is that the variance of the efficiencies of selection are unknown, adversely influencing efficiency of decision-making.

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Author(s): David P. Gwaze, J. A. Woolliams

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1997

Section: Contributed Presentations: Extended Abstracts

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